Trust The Transformer Repair Guy for all your electrical repairs


When your transformer fails, so do the devices that depend on it; instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a new one, why not call The Transformer Repair Guy?

Rolando Wilson, 23, of Tou-Rouge Marchand, has made a name for himself as an electrical repair genius. Most people know him as The Transformer Repair Guy, which is also the official name of his business, and he continues to elevate the electrical field with his vast knowledge and impressive work repairing electrical equipment. electrical appliances of all sizes.

As a child, Rolando was always fascinated by the way things worked and the technical details of putting them together.

“I was a kid who was intrigued by almost anything that moved or worked. I didn’t have too many toys so I started making toys out of whatever I could find. how things were put together 8 months after I left school I entered the electrical field and then started my business in January 2018. I was focusing on the IT field and networks, but when I was sent to work with my uncle in his repair shop, it heightened my interest in electricity.. Before working with him, I had an idea of ​​how motors work by playing in small cars, but they were tiny engines. When I started working with him, I started working with bigger engines.

Working with his uncle, Rolando gained an understanding of the world of electricity, and through extensive research and trial and error, he began repairing transformers. Initially, he posted his repaired transformers online, which caught the attention of a few people, but over time, people began to frequently seek his services.

“Most people would ask me why I fix transformers because most of the time they have never heard of anyone who does. took the initiative to start a business around this in St.. Lucia. As far as I know, I’m the only one doing it here. There’s no one else who specializes in transformers per se as far as i know.Professional electricians would have trouble and ask me how i am so good in the field and even companies would call me and ask me for advice or expertise on electricity.People would always be amazed at my skills, not only in Saint Lucia but in South Africa, Australia.

Although The Transformer Repair Guy is well known for repairing transformers, he also repairs and diagnoses a wide range of other problems. Its repair services include generators, water pumps, battery chargers, cooking mixers, twin tub washing machines, arc welders, air mowers, fryers, microwaves , vehicle engines, small engine repairs and just about anything with an engine.

“Starting a business is one of the most rewarding but hardest things to do. It gives you personal and financial independence. It comes with a lot of risk but the reward is even greater. company because most of them are gifted and talented.Trust me, you will be amazed at what you can do as long as you put your mind to it and always believe in yourself and you will get there.

If you would like to perform electrical repairs, you can contact The Transformer Repair Guy at 758-485-6469 or follow on Instagram @the_transformer_repair_guy


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