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December 2019

Imagine that you are at home one evening and there is a power outage. Maybe a storm caused the power outage, or maybe the reason isn’t immediately obvious. Anyway, what East immediately obvious is that you have no electricity. And without electricity, the comfort and security your family has come to rely on is disrupted. Suddenly you find yourself without light, television or internet. No working home security system, no heating or air conditioning, and the power to your fridge and that extra freezer in the garage suddenly went out. These are just a few of the many problems that can result from power outages. For many people in Hamilton County, this is not a hypothetical situation.

Romney Ellis, Company Owner and Certified Generator Dealer/Technician

In 2019, nearly 50,000 homes and businesses lost power for some time due to storms or power outages. And if your home or business was among those impacted, you know the feeling of frustration and helplessness. These feelings could have been avoided with a standby generator from R & G Electrical.

R & G Electrical LLC is an Authorized Generator Manufacturers Dealer/Technician of Cummins, Briggs & Stratton Fortress and Generac. Romney Ellis, Company Owner and Certified Generator Dealer/Technician, recently discussed the different types of generator installations the company specializes in and the benefits for owners and businesses of investing in generators. quality. He also shared the various electrical services provided by the company.

Versatile Electrical Services

Vera Bradley Electrical Project by RG Electrical

R&G Electrical is proud to provide expert electrical services for homes and businesses in Carmel, Indiana, and surrounding areas since 2011. R&G specializes in a wide variety of electrical services, including the execution of new electrical circuits, installation of service panels, electrical troubleshooting, upgrading of lighting systems and working directly with general contractors for the renovation/renovation of businesses and homes of all types. R&G also provides electrical installations on new homes and commercial buildings, and the company coordinates all work with utility companies, homeowners and business owners. R&G provided electric lighting upgrades in places like Keystone at the Crossing and several storefronts in Carmel. The company enjoys working with Hamilton County communities and hopes to continue these excellent relationships by providing quality electrical service to its customers.

Factory Authorized Generator Dealer

In 2012, R&G expanded its services by becoming an authorized generator dealer for Cummins, Briggs & Stratton Fortress and Generac generators, leaders in emergency standby generators and automatic transfer switches. Standby generators supplied by R&G Electrical are all high quality premium brands. The generators they sell come direct from the manufacturer and are tested before they arrive at your home or business. R&G does not stock generators like the big box stores do, so their customers will receive a brand new generator, fresh off the factory production line and sent to their doorstep.

“We are a factory-authorized sales and service dealership with trained technicians to install and service Cummins, Briggs & Stratton Fortress and Generac whole-home and business generators,” Ellis said. “We are trained to provide on-site generator sizing with software and programs to properly outfit you with a generator to meet your specific needs, site preparation and layout, and installations. As a factory-authorized generator dealer, R&G has access to manufacturer-direct technical support and provides five-year service contracts to all of our customers, so you receive the annual service required by the manufacturers. We are also trained to support warranty repairs on the mechanical and electrical systems of your generator and automatic transfer switch. Parts are typically received from manufacturers within 24-72 hours of request, so you are not down with a fault in your generator system.

Generator functionality for individuals and small businesses

“What any home or business generator does is provide a backup power source. Once a power outage occurs, the lights and everything is dead. Your automatic transfer switch detects the loss of utility power and communicates this loss to the generator. The generator starts within three seconds of losing your power and your lights are restored immediately. Now, once the power supply is restored, the automatic transfer switch communicates with the electricity meter and automatically switches back to the power supply in the transfer switch, and the generator stops supplying electricity to the house to allow power to be restored,” Ellis said. . “The power will be transferred to the generator, and it will power your whole house. You can go on living because you have a backup generator that will power your home or business like it did when electricity was available.

Large commercial and agricultural generator installations

In addition to serving homeowners and small businesses, R&G Electrical also installs generators in large commercial restaurants and businesses where electricity is essential. “We are working with the Bloomington Fire Department to install a 60,000 watt diesel generator,” Ellis said. “Any size commercial building can be powered by a generator. We can go up to 150,000 watts. Ellis said a 150,000 watt generator can power an 80,000 square foot building like the Indiana Design Center in downtown Carmel, while a 12,000 watt unit is enough to run a 2,500 square foot home.” When we install the [commercial] generator,” Ellis said, “Cummins and Briggs & Stratton Fortress reps often like to go out and commission these generators because of their size and engineering. The ones they pass on to trained dealer technicians, like R&G.”

From family farms to large operations, R & G Electrical also provides services for agricultural needs. “Farming will always be different from residential and sometimes commercial,” Ellis said. “With agriculture, bigger generators [diesel & liquid-cooled] are generally the best to install due to the amount of power required. The generator can power part of the barn to keep horses and cattle warm, while powering large equipment and the home. Farmers no longer need to use PTO machines to power their specific needs with a professionally installed generator.

Factory warranty repairs and service contracts

Whether the generator is for an 80,000 square foot commercial property or a 5,000 square foot home, R&G Electrical follows a comprehensive checklist for installing, starting, and programming your standby generator. ’emergency. And if something goes wrong, R&G offers warranty repairs by trained technicians to quickly troubleshoot and fix the problem. “We also maintain factory dealer service manuals to ensure your generator’s alternator is producing the proper voltage and cycles to handle a full load of your home and business on gas and electricity.” Ellis explained that very often a generator is installed by a standard electrician who has not been trained to properly maintain or install generators, as we have discussed. Over 90% of all warranty or R&G service calls for generators installed by the general contractor and/or random electrician are installed incorrectly. This means that the generator generally cannot operate at full capacity for intended use, and often simply does not start when a fault occurs.

“This is what sets R & G Electrical apart from standard electrical service contractors. Our technicians are highly trained and qualified to install and maintain generators according to manufacturer requirements, and they maintain their product knowledge through continuing education courses and ongoing certifications.

Another benefit of purchasing an emergency backup generator that is often overlooked is some possible insurance reductions. Ellis noted that some insurance companies are getting on board and understanding the benefits home and business owners have in this investment and are trying to implement insurance discounts for structures, both residential and commercial, protected. by an emergency standby generator installed and serviced by a factory certified and authorized dealer/service technician.

Insurance companies recognize that property protected by a standby generator will result in fewer claims due to property damage in the event of a power failure to a refrigerator, freezer, sump pump, equipment agricultural, etc No more flooded basements, and no more loss of hundreds of dollars worth of food!

So the next time your area is hit by a power outage, don’t get caught with your power supply down. Call today for a quote on an emergency backup generator from R&G Electrical LLC. Don’t forget that R&G also provides quality residential and commercial electrical services, so don’t hesitate to contact them as well for a quote on your next project requiring electrical work. You can reach R&G Electrical by calling (317) 824-9335 or by visiting rgelectricalllc.com.

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