Photo Gallery of EC&M’s Top 20 Electrical Contractors in 2020


Each fall, the staff of EC&M unveils its highly anticipated list of the top 50 electrical contractors, ranked specifically by electricity and datacom revenue. Over the past decade, the top 50 players have managed to annually surpass their performance of the previous year (as a collective group), typically with an increase of at least $1 billion per year. This year was no exception, with the top 50 companies achieving total revenue of $33.1 billion in 2019, surpassing the $28.8 billion mark from 2018. Although most individual companies have posted year-over-year gains, the future is a little more uncertain than usual, given the ongoing effects and possible long-term ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses. A sign of this uncertainty is the fact that 44% of respondents to our annual survey indicated that they did not expect to meet their projected sales target for 2020, which is a considerable departure from previous years.

This photo gallery provides an overview of the companies that made the top 20, ranked in descending order and based on their 2019 electricity sales data. To learn more about the driving forces behind key players in the electricity, view the full 2020 Top 50 Electrical Contractors Special Report and Full Top 50 Listavailable soon at and featured in the September print issue.

The original research EC&M conducted to create the Top 50 article each year has become an invaluable resource for consultants, manufacturers and electrical design and contracting firms, making it a EC&M institution. To sign up to receive the survey for next year, contact Editor-in-Chief Ellen Parson at 816-560-6448 or [email protected]


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