Nevada Independent Electrical Contractor Education Program Honors First-Year Graduates | Carson City Nevada News


As the first IEC chapter in Nevada, NNVIEC is excited to bring training to merit store owners and help educate future electricians in our community. Today we celebrate our freshman graduates.

11 future electrical contractors have all passed the first year test (in just 6 months) and are eagerly awaiting the next stage of this 4-year training program.

Happy Outlet’s Jesse Olson has trained all of these future electricians and is currently building a classroom and training workshop to continue the program. Olson says he “couldn’t be more proud of these guys, they had lots of great questions and were actively engaged in classroom and lab training.”

These students are sponsored by their employers and receive on-the-job training and related formal technical instruction. Some of the participating companies are Lakeview Electric, AM Smith Electric, Jolt Electric and Hettrick Electric.

Melissa Maguire, president of Northern Nevada Independent Electric Contractors and owner of AM Smith Electric, said “we are always looking for new member companies and trainers.” electrical industry.

For more information on the Northern Nevada IEC or if you are interested in joining our chapter, please visit our website at


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