Marines Electrical Services of Ashburn, an electrician, offers exclusive residential electrical services in Ashburn, Virginia


Ashburn, Virginia: Ashburn Marine Electrical Services offers electrical services to residential customers, from minor repairs to labor and time intensive projects. One of the services the Virginia-based company provides is repairing and replacing electrical panels for customers whose lights flicker when they turn on appliances. The local team also assists those with homes over 25 years old or who have a split bus panel (typical in homes built in the 60s and 70s). Other reasons to repair or replace panels are if the wiring is messed up or feels hot to the touch. Regardless of the defect, the team first assesses the panel before repairing or replacing any part of it.

The electrician also provides home surge protection, protecting the customer’s home from a potentially devastating event that can affect their daily activities and work. In addition to protecting the customer’s home from typical power surges, hardwired protection blocks surges from weather and power grid disturbances. After installation, the team assesses the client’s home (in terms of wiring and number of devices) to ensure everything is properly grounded and devices are safe in the event of disturbances. The assessment is also essential for making other decisions, such as whether the property needs one or two household surge protectors (for maximum safety).

Customers with older homes (especially those built before 1960) or who still have two-prong outlets can obtain rewiring services offered by Ashburn Marine Electrical Services. Other candidates for rewiring include those with BX wiring, cotton outer jacket wiring, or foil wiring on outlets. As a company dedicated to efficiency and offering personalized services, it plans and ensures that the new wiring system manages all the appliances and appliances in the house. It is also designed to last for years without compromising security and property electrical needs.

Ashburn’s Marines Electrical Services also assists customers with typical electrical issues such as a non-working outlet, faulty light switch, flickering lights, overheating electrical panel, and faulty GCFIs. In most cases, the customer may not know the cause of the problem, especially if they are encountering the problem for the first time. Whatever the problem, electricians first diagnose the problem before solving it. Although most problems are repairable without replacing parts of the systems, qualified personnel can replace some parts of the system to correct the fault.

Marines Electrical Services of Ashburn is located at 43088 Old Gallivan Terrace, Ashburn, VA, 20147. Customers interested in residential electrical services or other services can contact the team at (703) 331-2100. Visit the electrician’s website for more information.

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