ft electrical services deliver heavy blow to amateur boxing gym energy bills

(rear LR): Stephen Nicholson, Billy Teesdale of electrical services ft and Ernest Spowart with members of the gym

SRising electricity bills left West Auckland Amateur Boxing Gym firmly on the ropes until one of its sponsors offered it a helping hand.

ft Electrical Services, based in Bishop Auckland, carried out work worth £1,500 free of charge to ensure the community facility can reduce its overhead costs.

The company, led by Billy Teesdale and Steven Ferguson, supplied and installed six energy-saving electric wall heaters and replaced the building’s inefficient lighting with an efficient LED system.

The gymnasium had already resorted to shutting down its old, outdated and expensive radiators in a bid to reduce spiraling energy bills.
Billy heard about his predicament and offered to supply the heating and lighting systems and install them for free.

He said: ‘ft electrical services already donates £500 a year to support this fantastic facility and I am happy to lend a hand to ensure it continues to be a safe and welcoming place for young people from the region to come.

“I’m a big fan of the sport and I know the physical and mental well-being that boxing training provides, it gives kids a real sense of worth and self-confidence.

The gymnasium was founded in early 2020 during the first lockdown by Steven Nicholson, managing director of Bishop Auckland-based paint and decorating firm S Nicholson and Sons, and head coach Ernest Spowart.

However, the gymnasium, which now has 20 junior and 15 senior members, continues to rely on donations and sponsorship from local businesses and organizations.

Stephen Nicholson said: “Old electric heaters used to cost a small fortune and we reached a point where we had no choice but to turn them off. It’s not that bad this time of year, but we were worried about what would happen this winter.

“We only charge our members £2.50 per session which doesn’t cover all costs but given the difficult times we are going through it is not fair to ask for more.”

Ernest Spowart added: “Everyone connected to the gym is extremely grateful to Billy and ft electrical services for their continued support and generosity in helping us keep our costs down.”

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