For Vancouver electrical contractors: ECS offers an innovative solution to move and unwind cable reels


EZ Reel by Electrical Cable Supply Ltd. simplifies large-scale cable installation for electrical contractors in Vancouver

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Vancouver, British Columbia – (ReleaseWire) – 10/13/2022 – The majority of commercial and industrial electrical contractors in Vancouver understand the difficulty of getting larger cable reels to their location in a building. For added convenience, the new EZ Reel from Electrical Cable Supply Ltd. (ECS) is an innovative solution designed to simplify the movement and installation of large cable reels in a commercial or industrial building. To learn more, visit

Working with spools of larger gauge sizes requires special handling due to the increased weight and the inability to turn on the flanges. Large coils are delivered to the job site on an upturned pallet. Reaching the final installation location requires a forklift. If none are available, the time required to move the cable to the installation area can quickly become costly.

As an experienced team supporting electrical contractors in Vancouver and across North America, ECS created the EZ Reel. This all-in-one solution allows the reel to spin freely. These revolving cable reels are shipped on a pallet (standing on their flanges) so that one person can easily unpack them and move them anywhere on the jobsite.

By incorporating an additional set of outer flanges with bearings attached to a standard wooden cable reel, the EZ Reel’s spinning action makes maneuvering hallways, hallways, and even elevators a breeze. No additional shelving installation is required for unwinding and installation.
Details for electrical contactors:

– EZ Reel does not need to be purchased separately – it is available as an option when purchasing the cable
– A deposit may be required to ensure the EZ Reel is returned in good condition
– EZ Reel is compatible with any type or length of cable
– Complete uncut cable reels straight from the manufacturer can be used and moved around the jobsite (install the same cable in different locations)
– Several cables and colors can be run simultaneously in parallel
– Wheel chocks lock the spinning reel’s outer flanges at any angle for nearly instant unspooling

EZ Reel can be added to any larger gauge cable. For Vancouver electrical contractors who want to save effort, time and money on major cable installations in a range of commercial and industrial applications, contact ECS at 604.276.9473 to learn more.

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ECS Electrical Cable Supply Ltd. specializes in wires, cables and related services for the Canadian and American markets. We serve electrical contractors of all sizes in Vancouver, and with an agile, service-centric approach, we can easily meet our customers’ needs, from sourcing specialty materials to same-day deliveries. No order is too big or too small.

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