Focus on David Gancz: owner of Prime Electrical Services



What is your connection to South Jersey?

We ended up in South Jersey when my wife, Abbey, and I were looking for a Jewish community after the birth of our son. We were living in Philadelphia at the time. We both had connections in South Jersey and our family was nearby so we started researching synagogues, fell in love with TBS and decided to move here. I actually grew up in Israel and lived in South Jersey for years, but met my wife on a long trip to visit my sister in Seattle.

How did it happen?

Well, I went to JDate looking for a date in Seattle and forgot to change the location filter…and met my wife who lived in Philadelphia. We talked for a while and I decided to come back to New Jersey for her. I was actually born in America and my parents made aliyah when I was four. My mother was American and my father Israeli. And now my son has a mom who is American and a dad who is Israeli!

I understand that you own Prime Electrical Services. How did you get into this profession?

I never saw myself going to college and was more interested in trades and went to vocational school for high school. In Israel, after grade 8, you can choose to go to a religious school or a high school or vocational school. I did culinary arts and electrical – I realized I wasn’t creative enough to be a chef and ended up in electrical.

I see you specialize in residential work. Is there a difference? Isn’t electricity the same everywhere?

I actually own two companies. Prime Electrical Services is my home repair and service business. We are the premier service and repair electrical contractor in the region, and we are the only Google certified contractor with 5 star ratings in all areas. I also have a trading company named BSF Electrical Contractors. In the residential sector, you deal with landlords – lots of small jobs. For commercial jobs, you build a skyscraper and you could stay there for several months to complete a job. The maintenance and repair portion of electrical work is similar for residences and businesses, and are both handled by Prime Electrical Services.

It looks like a lot.

Well, someone is always working 24/7 and will dispatch a certified technician to your location. It’s not necessarily me. I have excellent employees and an excellent partner, Paul Bonizio. Most of my team has been with me since day one, including my COO. Running a successful business alone is impossible and I rely on and value my employees.

How has business changed for you over the past year?

Business was actually better on the residential services and repairs side. People are at home a lot more and probably have more time to solve problems around the house and do more household projects, so service and repairs are doing better this year. Business is the same. We were essential employees and didn’t have to lay anyone off as we continued to work throughout the pandemic.

What would you say to someone who wants to become an electrician? Would you recommend it?

I would absolutely recommend going into trades. It’s a great way to earn a living, support your family and do new things. It’s very satisfying to build something from scratch, then turn it on and watch it work. I also recommend going to college if that’s for you. You should do what makes you happy and challenges you.

Do you have anything else to share?

Being a business owner and being part of the Jewish community allows me to give back to our community, which makes me happy. My motto is: “Always do the right thing and everything else will follow.”


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