eVolve MEP Launches Revolutionary Materials Management Platform for Electrical Contractors


ATLANTE, August 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — eVolve MEP, a leading software and services company dedicated to the construction industry, has launched eVolve Materials to improve the planning, purchasing, tracking and delivery of materials. The new platform increases collaboration and installation speed by organizing all materials management in one place.

“We believe eVolve Materials is a game changer and what the industry has been waiting for,” said Steve King, product manager, eVolve Materials. “All materials management lives in one place, allowing control from the model and from the terrain. It’s a simple yet powerful solution.”

eVolve Materials was developed by MEP contractors who understand the high cost of not having the right materials exactly when and where they are needed. Businesses can easily determine hardware needs in the office and in the field, based on purchase information and accurate tracking. This allows modelers and drafters to spend more time on their basic skills rather than managing field and fabrication requests from material lists.

eVolve Materials is focused on electrical contractors with a version for mechanical contractors to be released later in 2021. Materials can be purchased based on the BOM generated by Revit, as well as easily ordered out of model and tracked from the field. This real-time exchange of relevant and critical information between the field, manufacturing facility, back office and suppliers reduces the high cost of incorrect materials and installation delays.

According to King, eVolve Materials helps improve business outcomes by reducing risk, aligning teams and enabling companies to work faster and take on more projects. “Our customers report significantly improved collaboration and adoption of standards across the enterprise, as well as the removal of costly roadblocks so the field is more productive and efficient. »

Electrical contractors can quickly create bills of materials and kits as well as hold processes for purchase orders and requisitions. The platform provides benefits for multiple team members. VDC managers can instantly export project material lists from Revit, while maintaining item information such as level, area, kit ID, and spool ID. Manufacturing managers are supported with the manufacturing kit and the creation of single and multi-level assemblies. Project managers and foremen are able to streamline field operations while purchasing departments can standardize requisition formats, track delivery and backorders, and split items for requisitions.

eVolve MEP is at the forefront of efforts by industry leaders globally to adopt the best technology to increase revenue, improve productivity, strengthen their workforce and improve quality and safety. Built by contractors for contractors, we are a software and services company dedicated to the construction industry. We partner with Applied Software, one of the largest AEC, Building, Manufacturing and Manufacturing systems integrators in North America. www.eVolveMEP.com


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