Electrical installation by Zest WEG at Platinum Expansion


Zest WEG is installing a range of electrical control and instrumentation equipment at Anglo American Platinum’s Mogalakwena mine in Limpopo province, working closely with engineering group DRA Global.

Construction is taking place in the existing northern mill of the Mogalakwena mine, around various areas of the mill. The Electrical Control Instrumentation (ECI) package is led by Eben Kleynhans, DRA’s Electrical E&I Project Engineer.

According to Calvin Fisher, Head of Electrical and Instrumentation Construction Proposals at Zest WEG, Zest WEG’s work is underway for the mine’s Coarse Particle Rejection (CPR) plant and will be completed in the second half of 2021.

“In addition to applying the highest level of craftsmanship and professionalism, we are delivering the project in accordance with our client’s Mining Charter requirements for local procurement,” says Fisher. “This means that over 70% of the people involved in our scope of business will be from local communities, and we source a large portion from local businesses.”

The equipment to be installed includes three 2 MVA transformers, going from 11 kV to 550 V, and a 630 kVA mini-substation for lighting and small power needs. Containerized motor control centers (MCC), equipped with variable speed drives (VSD), HVAC unit, cable trays, cables, lighting and small power are also part of the scope of the supply. In addition, two emergency generators will be installed – one with a capacity of 630 kVA and the other with a capacity of 330 kVA.

“The three new containerized MCCs and VSD sets will be placed on pedestals near the CPR supply tank, CPR process water area and CPR building and a steel roof structure erected over the containers” , he said. “The new transformer bay will be built next to the MCC, also with a roof over the transformer.”

About 70 km of cables will be laid – ranging from low voltage to medium voltage – as well as 3,300 terminations and nearly 2.5 km of cable routing. The various structures that Zest WEG will install require approximately 9 tons of steel. The instrumentation to be installed will include approximately 170 instruments, including flow transmitters, pressure gauges, level switches, temperature gauges and density transmitters. Around 250 lights will also be installed, mainly outdoors.

Fisher notes that electrical installation specialists are usually among the last contractors on a project and must be flexible enough to accommodate certain modifications that may have been necessary in civil, structural, and mechanical work done before.

“When necessary, we work closely with the customer to implement the plan smoothly while meeting their need for safe access to the equipment being installed, to allow for easy maintenance. he says.

In addition to the installation contract, Zest WEG is supplying some of the actual equipment for the expansion project, including the WEG engines and containerized generators. The electrical installation work is expected to take approximately six months.

“We pride ourselves on the high level of quality we bring to projects like this, where we apply our successful procurement model to help our customers achieve their critical local spend goals,” he said. “It also allows Zest WEG to make a valuable contribution to uplifting local businesses wherever we can.”






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