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If you are a contractor in Ontario, you know that contractors insurance is necessary to operate your business. But does your insurance policy vary depending on the type of entrepreneur you are? What types of insurance are recommended for electrical contractors in Ontario?

Contractors and construction liability insurance is used to cover you for injury or property damage resulting in a claim made based on any type of contract work you do for a client.

Due to the nature of construction and subcontracting work, contractors should have a policy that gives them full protection and takes into account the work they will be tackling.

Working with electricity, whether you are a heating or electrical contractor, electrical repairer or industrial electrician, means electrician insurance is a must.

So what is electrician insurance?

Typically, this is a mix of the following coverages to adequately protect your utility or utility.

He understands:

  • General Civil Liability insurance covers day-to-day professional risks, bodily injury and property damage to your customers, as well as medical and legal expenses that may arise from numerous incidents.
  • Professional liability insurance provides coverage for negligence, failure to deliver a particular service with expected results, or misconduct.
  • Equipment and tools insurance covers loss or damage to equipment in the workplace.
  • Pollution liability insurance due to the risk that the environment may be compromised on or around the site.

All of this helps to develop a well-rounded plan or policy for any contractor involved in an electrical hazard.

Now that you know which policies can be useful as an electrical contractor, you can make a more informed decision about the type of coverage you need for your specific business.

In Ontario, these insurance policies give contractors the peace of mind to complete their jobs and services year-round and without anxiety.


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