Central Pennsylvania Chapter of Independent Electrical Contractors Expands Statewide


The Central Pennsylvania Chapter of Independent Electrical Contractors announced that it has expanded its footprint to become a statewide chapter of the national IEC association.

The chapter will now be known as IEC Pennsylvania and will represent independent electrical and systems contractors in 64 of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties. Beaver, Lawrence and Mercer counties in Pennsylvania are served by IEC Western Reserve based in Youngstown, Ohio.

Pennsylvania’s Central Chapter of Independent Electrical Contractors previously consisted of 20 counties in the southern, central, and southwest portions of the state, stretching from the greater Pittsburgh area to the Susquehanna Valley region, including including the cities of Harrisburg, Lancaster, Lebanon and York. The chapter was originally formed in 1991 and comprised eight counties in central Pennsylvania.

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“As our chapter’s coverage area grew over the years, our name no longer reflected the broader area we served,” said Marissa Bankert, executive director of IEC Pennsylvania, in a press release. “Furthermore, our Board of Directors and management were acutely aware that there were electricians in Pennsylvania who did not have access to the benefits, programs and resources of IEC Chapter membership. With our transformation into IEC Pennsylvania, Electrical Contractors of Merit now all have access to a chapter that serves their interests and provides ongoing training and apprenticeships throughout the Commonwealth.

IEC Pennsylvania has an apprenticeship program that covers residential, commercial, and industrial construction and electrical wiring. The four-year, employer-paid program is registered with the U.S. Department of Labor and the Pennsylvania Apprenticeship and Training Council. IEC Pennsylvania also offers a state-registered pre-apprenticeship program for high school students and those looking to learn additional skills. The chapter also has a continuing education program for electricians and owners of electrical contractors.

The Independent Electrical Contractors was founded in 1957 and has 51 chapters and represents 3,500 electrical contractors and nearly 70,000 electricians.

IEC Pennsylvania is located at 8 Long Lane, Suite B in the Township of Silver Spring.


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