BC Electrical Contractors Association Announces New Board Chair


The Electrical Contractors Association of British Columbia has officially appointed a new Chairman of the Board of Directors and confirmed its Board of Directors for 2023.

Derek Fettback, vice president of Western Pacific Enterprises Ltd. (WPE), was appointed Chairman of the Board for a two-year term. Fettback has served on the ECABC Board of Directors since (2018) and most recently served as Senior Vice President.

Fettback joined WPE in 1997 as an apprentice and established a career managing a diverse set of commercial, industrial and utility projects. Currently, Fettback is responsible for several districts within WPE, as well as Western Pacific’s central estimating for projects between British Columbia and Manitoba.

ECABC’s Board of Directors, made up of 10 people, has considerable experience, with nine of the members having previously served on the ECABC Board. The Council includes:

  • Derek Fettback, President (Western Pacific Enterprises Ltd.)
  • Shawn Boyd, Past President (Houle Electric Limited)
  • Brendan Kelly, 1st Vice President (Canem Systems)
  • Don Bayda, Treasurer (F&M Installations Ltd.)
  • Robert Bamford, Secretary (Plan Group)
  • Bill Strain, Director (Villa Electric (1980) Ltd.)
  • Craig Paquin, Director (Sasco Contractors Ltd.)
  • Derek Mott, Director (Mott Electric)
  • Paul Claproth, Director (Black & McDonald)
  • Igor Polrugo, Director (Elworthy Electrical Services Ltd.) – First Year on the Board

The ECABC also welcomed Matt MacInnis as its new President in September 2022.


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