Agora Systems Named Official Partner of Rocky Mountain Independent Electrical Contractors


SAN FRANCISCO, July 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain (IECRM) today announced that Agora Systems has become an official partner to offer material purchasing and management software to IECRM members. Leveraging Agora, IECRM members can streamline their materials purchasing and management process by bringing together their field, office, warehouse, accounting, and vendor teams on a single collaboration platform. .

The platform allows contractors to reduce overhead, increase field productivity, and save money on their materials. “Thanks to Agora, we were able to catch up $1,200 billing errors from our suppliers in the past four weeks alone. We also shortened our hardware ordering process by 90%,” said Zach Ratner of BAR Electric Co, an IECRM member electrical contractor.

CEO of IECRM, Marilyn Akers Stansbury said, “Our priority is to bring innovative and technological solutions to IEC Rocky Mountain (IECRM) members in order to advance and grow the businesses of our contractors and the industry. The Agora platform has proven to help electrical contractors reduce overhead, increase field productivity, and streamline the materials purchasing and management process. We are delighted to welcome them as an industry partner and to introduce their platform to our members. »

With Agora, office teams receive easy-to-read digital requests submitted in the field using a familiar Amazon-like ordering mobile app. In real time, purchasing agents can obtain the best material prices from multiple vendors, issue purchase orders, synchronize order information with accounting systems, and provide real-time delivery updates to the field.

“We are delighted and honored to be an official partner of IECRM and to help its members grow their businesses through Agora’s innovative digital shopping and materials platform,” said Maria Rioumine, CEO and co-founder of Agora.

IEC Rocky Mountain members can learn more about Agora’s Materials Management Platform at

About Agora Systems:
Agora Systems is a materials sourcing platform designed exclusively for electrical contractors to reduce overhead and increase labor productivity. The platform brings together field, office, warehouse, accounting and supplier teams on a collaborative platform, allowing contractors to create purchase requisitions, issue purchase orders and instantly track invoices and deliveries.

About Rocky Mountain Independent Electrical Contractors:
Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain (IECRM) is a trade association representing the electrical and renewable energy industry and a four-year apprenticeship training program that prepares the next generation of electricians. With more than 250 member companies and 2,000 apprentices, IECRM is the largest registered DOL apprenticeship program in the United States. Colorado and the largest provider of IEC electrical training programs in the United States

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