Adaptation of LV assembly loads to the electrical installation


The means of coordinating the current ratings of low voltage assemblies with those required by the electrical installation are not clearly defined. By the introduction of a new feature, the newly published version of BS EN 61439-2 Ed 2 provides an opportunity for improvement, assuming specifiers and the manufacturer fully understand and embrace the change as detailed in this article.

BE EN IEC 61439-2 Edition 3: 2021 is the reference for industrial and commercial low voltage assemblies. Compared to the previous edition, it includes a very important modification, the introduction of a new characteristic, “nominal group current of a main circuit of an assembly”.

This article suggests ways in which the new feature allows the installation designer and assembly manufacturer to work together in a partnership to achieve a cost-effective assembly without compromising the needs of the installation.

Key learning points:

  • The importance of correctly specifying design current ratings in an installation
  • Responsibilities of the assembly manufacturer for thermal performance when designing and manufacturing a low voltage assembly
  • How to optimize a low voltage assembly with the needs of the electrical installation

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