1752 Electrical Services offers the best electrical service at an affordable rate.


There are very few people lucky enough not to need the services of a professional electrician. For the rest, there are still 1752 Electrical Services. They offer the best service with excellent work and at a very competitive rate.

Many people don’t realize that they will eventually need to contact an electrician. It’s a service we need, whether they own their space or rent it out. For the lucky ones whose lease already includes this service, they just have to talk to their landlord or their landlady to solve the problem. For the rest, they will need to seek out a professional electrician – one who knows what he is doing and is fully certified. 1752 Electrical services is a perfect example. They have worked in the electrical service industry for many decades. With every project they take on, they strive to be the best and deliver results that satisfy their clients. Not only that, they produce excellent work without blowing the client’s budget.

Their competitor might call them a small electrical service company, but their size means they are able to provide excellent service and customer care to all of their customers. Larger operations will have technician after technician buzzing over every minute detail, but 1752 Electrical Services will always clearly and concisely explain what each project entails. This way, customers are informed about what is happening around their home. This method also allows customers to track their budget and ensure that there are no unnecessary purchases.

1752 Electrical Services has enjoyed a steady stream of repeat customers since completing their first job. Many only depended on them when they needed help with something electrical, whether it was installing a new home theater system or rewiring different parts of the house. All of their technicians are described as punctual and hardworking with excellent manners and etiquette. And finally, 1752 Electrical Services always have accurate and very competitive quotes. They don’t just throw numbers, they actually make sure that every calculation is accurate and based on industry standards. Choosing the experienced professionals at 1752 Electrical Services means customers are assured that only their best interests are at heart.

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Company Name: 1752 Electrical services
Contact person: Darren Howe
E-mail: Send an email
Call: 07944782885
Address:108 Tinkers Green Road, Wilnecote, Staffordshire
City: Tamworth B77 5LW
Country: UK
Website: www.1752electricalservices.com


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